Welcome to the homepage for the Winnipeg South Centre Electoral District for the People's Party of Canada

October 23, 2019

Post Election

Only after a year in its existence, we had roughly 300,000 people vote for the party which is a very promising start for a brand new party.


Unfortunately, the People's Party of Canada did not gain a seat in the 2019 Federal Election but this is not the end; it is the beginning.


If you voted for the PPC instead of voting in fear for another party because of possible vote-splitting then thank you. If you were able to see past all of the promises made by the other parties and instead voted for a level-headed approach to governing, then thank you. If you voted for the PPC even though the media claimed the party and its supporters are racist when we are obviously not, thank you. If you saw through all the lies and actually read our policies and agreed with them, thank you. We would like to thank all of those who voted for the PPC and those who support us.


We want to let you know that the PPC will continue because it needs to continue. Canadians need to break out of the cycle of choosing between two parties that have no interest in the majority of Canada, they only have an interest in keeping power at any cost.


Take heart and stay strong.




The Winnipeg South Centre, EDA PPC

October 16, 2019

New Page on Climate Change

If you are interested in some facts about Climate Change, especially some myths that people believe without question, please look at our new page on climate. It has many links to scholarly articles and scientific papers as well as websites where you can read more about the climate.

Go to the header above or click here: CLIMATE

October 8, 2019

Maxime and Climate Change

If you watched the leader's debate or have read some stories in the media about Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada, you might have seen them say that he is a "climate denier". Or that he denies climate change. This is not true.


Max's stance and the official stance of the PPC is that climate change exists; it always has and always will. What Maxime does not believe is that climate change is solely influenced by mankind or that mankind plays a major role in climate change. Therefore, reducing carbon dioxide emissions will not bring about any significant changes to world temperatures but will definitely cost trillions of dollars to achieve and have no positive result. This is not a logical approach and is why Max does not believe we should go down that path.


This view is not based on guesswork or conspiracy theories and it is not ignoring the science either as there is plenty of science to back up what Maxime believes. For example, every long term prediction of global Climate Change (formerly known as Global Warming) has been wrong. Every single one. You can search old newspapers from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s and see many dire predictions made if CO2 levels kept rising without check. However CO2 emissions kept rising and the dire results never came. We did not lose all the coastal cities, we did not lose the polar ice caps, there have been no worldwide droughts, hurricanes reduced in number over the years and mass starvation due to too much heat killing worldwide crops did not occur.


Instead of just stating this and then moving on, over the next few days we will add another tab to this website to include scientific articles, old newspaper articles with very interesting information and links to other websites that have data to back up claims.


Make no mistake, this is not a decision Max has come to without putting in some thought and we will show you why he thinks the way he does.