The Many Climate Change Myths
Myth #1


There is a consensus between 97% of scientists who believe global warming is caused by humans.


This is a very often-cited statistic that people will yell out to try and end any discussion of global warming. If these people hear that anything other than human activity is causing climate change, they will often scream this myth out as if they are saying "checkmate". So, is this statistic true? No.


This talking point comes from a May 15, 2013 paper called “Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature” (link here: In the paper, the researchers used an algorithm to study the abstracts of around 12,000 scientific papers, so 97% refers to the percentage of papers written that agree with this hypothesis and not the percentage of scientists who agree that global warming is manmade.


Second, the researchers did not read most of the abstracts of the papers in question, they just used an algorithm to look up key phrases in the abstracts. They then asked a group of environmental activists to rate each paper to see if it agreed that global warming was being driven by man. Since almost all environmental activists believe that man is the driver of global warming, you can understand that they have a bias that clouds their judgement in this area. As a result, there were many papers that disagreed with the hypothesis that man-made global warming exists but these papers were lumped in anyway with the group of papers that stated that there was indeed man-made global warming.


The study was flawed, the results were flawed and many of the papers were hand-picked to be added to the study strictly based on the fact that they agreed on the theory of man-made global warming. It is very poor science and the author, John Cook, has been unable to defend his shoddy research which is why it has not been reproduced by another researcher. To read more in-depth on this unscientific paper and what is wrong with it, try this article here:

Finally, good science never has and never will be about consensus. If it was, then you need to ignore Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as the consensus of scientists at the time he published his book believed that animals did not evolve, they stayed exactly the same as they always had been. Or you would need to ignore Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity as it too ran against the scientific consensus of the time when it was first published.

Myth #2:


Polar bears are dying off and will soon be extinct because the Arctic is melting.


Susan Crockford, a zoologist with more than 35 years of experience studying polar bears recently wrote a book called The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened where she talks about how the polar bear population has actually increased from the 1960s where it was roughly 10,000 to roughly 40,000 today. This increase is believed to be due to a ban on hunting polar bears.

She has documented her research in the book mentioned above and also online

on her website here:


While Susan’s research concerns polar bears in the Canadian Arctic, the Norwegian

Polar Institute collects data from the Arctic in Norway and in Russia. It too found an

increase in polar bears from the 1960s to the present even though the expectation

was that less Arctic ice would mean a decrease in population.

Here is a link to that paper by the Institute that describes their findings:


While the people on the ground doing the actual science state that polar bear

populations are rising, this goes against the expected result that many climatologists would like to see, so you have people pushing back to drown out the facts. National Geographic even used a picture of a polar bear dying of cancer to try and push their agenda that global warming is killing polar bears.


The truth is that the polar bear pictured here, just like humans, got cancer and as a result, it could not hunt for food so it starved. National Geographic followed the starving, dying bear until it came up to land that was bare of snow because it had melted under the summer sun. They took the picture, then claimed that the bear was starving because of Climate Change. Experts in polar bears were able to spot right away that they bear was dying from cancer but instead of going to an expert, the people from National Geographic instead printed the picture with the false claim of 'death by climate change'. Read more about the deception here:

What is even more despicable is the fact that they let the bear suffer so that they could get a good photo instead of calling the authorities who could have euthanized the suffering bear.

Myth #3:


"The science is settled."













One phrase that is probably uttered the most by those who fully believe in man-made climate change. It is also meant to shut down arguments when someone brings up the idea that humanity is not the main factor in our ever-changing climate.


First and foremost, science is never "settled". Humanity is constantly rethinking how the universe works and our ideas about our surroundings are constantly changing. A good scientist keeps his or her mind open to the possibility that our current knowledge could be wrong, so new ideas on an old subject are always welcome. This is how good science is done.


For example, what we believed a hundred years ago about gravity is not the same as how we view it now. One hundred years ago the science of the day believed that gravity was the attraction between two objects. Sir Isaac Newton was the one who pioneered this idea of gravity and even came up with mathematical proofs to explain how objects interacted with each other. In 1916, Albert Einstein started to come up with what would later be called the Theory of Relativity which posits that gravity is how objects react to the bending of spacetime. He too came up with mathematical proofs to explain his views about gravity. Today, most scientists tend to believe Einstein's view of gravity but questions still arise as neither view of gravity by itself fully explains all of the nuances of gravity. 


Second, there are 500 scientists who signed and sent a letter to the United Nations stating that there is no climate emergency. If the science was "settled" then surely 500 scientists would not bother putting their reputations on the line to go against this "fact".


Here is a link to the article about the letter that includes a good YouTube video that explains the letter in more detail:

Myth #4:


The Greenhouse Effect is warming the planet.


One of the biggest and well known models for Climate Change is that of the Greenhouse Gas Effect. Heat is trapped by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, so the theory is that the more carbon dioxide, the more heat it will trap. Since our carbon dioxide emissions have gone up and up over the last few decades, there should be a corresponding rise in heat.

There are two problems with this theory: the physics behind this theory is flawed and the amount of heat that is being trapped is not increasing as fast as the carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere.

In a paper called The Model Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect by physicist Joseph E. Postma M.Sc., Postma states that the Greenhouse Effect, as it has been described by climatologists, is far too simplistic to account for temperature changes in the atmosphere and the rest of the planet. The Greenhous Effect theory of global warming ignores many layers of the atmosphere, the curvature of the planet and many other physical characteristics that are needed to properly calculate something so complex as this model claims to be. Postma goes over the mathematical calculations involved and shows that the current model is way too simplistic to be correct. If you would like to read more, here is a link to his paper: 

Here is another paper that calls into question the physics behind the Greenhouse Gas Effect. It is called Cooling of Atmosphere Due to CO2 Emission and is written by G. V. Chilingar, L. F. Khilyuk, and O. G. Sorokhtin:

If CO2 really is the cause of climate change then one would expect to find evidence in the past of this happening as the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has changed dramtically over the millenia. This is not the case as the graph below shows that there has been no correlation between the change in CO2 levels and the change in the global temperature. If there was a correlation, then you would see temperature rise and fall at the same time as the CO2 levels.  If you click on the graph, you will go to the article that goes into more detail.























CO2 Levels vs Temperature.jpg
Myth #5:


Temperature have been stable for hundreds of years until humans started burning fossil fuels.


This is probably one of the biggest myths out there and its popularity came from a graph that was created by Dr. Michael Mann and showed up in the "Summary for Policymakers" section of the  2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report. It is affectionately called the "Hockey Stick Graph" because of its shape. 









The only problem with this graph is that it could not be reproduced by anyone but Dr. Mann.

His use of algorithms, tree ring data, ice cores, historical records, etc. has never been fully explained by Dr. Mann to anyone and as a result, no one can reproduce the same graph that he did. This led to a lot of speculation as to its authenticity so scientists went to work on recreating Mann's results by looking deep into how he created it. Two men by the names of Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, tried to reproduce the graph using the original data. They found that by using Mann's techniques, you could use any data and get a hockey stick shaped graph. Read more here:

Another person skeptical of Mann's findings was Dr. Tim Ball who is a climatologist and stated in an interview in February 2011 that “Michael Mann should be in the State Pen, not Penn State” because his graph was a fraud. Here is a comparison between a simple version of Mann's graph versus the graph Ball and the scientific community used before the Hockey Stick Graph was created:





















Dr. Mann took Dr. Ball to court in March 2011 and that lawsuit finally ended in August 2019 with Mann losing the case because he did not want to give the information asked for by Ball. The judge decided that if Mann would not give the information, then there was no point in continuing so the case was dismissed with court costs going to Ball. Read the decision here:

Many people speculate that Dr. Mann took Dr. Ball to court hoping that the lawsuit would bankrupt Ball so that Mann would win by default as Mann had a lot of very rich backers to help him afford the court costs. However, Dr. Ball was able to get some backing and was able to continue the lawsuit over the years and eventually forced Mann to prove his graph was legitimate. Mann could not do so. 

This extraordinary lawsuit is now proof to many that the Hockey Stick Graph is a fraud.

Anyone remotely interested in science knows that you must be able to independently reproduce results obtained by the original researcher or the theory is flawed and needs to be rethought. In this case, the results cannot be reproduced. It is flawed science at best and fraud at its worst but either way, Mann's Hockey Stick Graph is wrong and needs to be pointed out to everyone, including those like the IPCC and Al Gore who have used this graph to "prove" global warming. 

Hockey Stick Graph.PNG
Mann v Ball.PNG
Myth #6:


The polar ice caps are melting because of climate change.


While it is true that Antarctica has recently had large sections of its iceshelf melt and break off, this is not because of climate change or global warming. The simple fact is that under a large section of Antarctica are a series of fault lines and in those fault lines are a series of volcanoes that have been warming the water below the ice. These volcanoes are known as the Seal Nunataks and lie under the sections of ice that have melted and broken off from the rest of Antarctica.

If this melting was the result of global climate change, then it would affect all of Antarctica and not just sections of it like the Larson Ice Shelf. If you would like to read more, please go to this article:

Although these volcanoes have been well documented for decades, for some reason they are not reported on very often and so people believe that all of Antarctica is melting at the same quick rate as the Larson Ice Shelf. This has led to attempts for research vessels to prove that all of Antarctica is melting by travelling down south along routes that former explorers took over one hundred years ago, assuming that these routes must be ice free. The only problem is that they got stuck in the ice during summer. Read more here:

To read about even more disasterous trips by climate activists pretending to be scientists, read here:

It is sad to see good money wasted on these sorts of trips.