Unpaid volunteers and board members keep our EDA running but we rely upon the donations of everyday Canadians to fund community outreach and campaign events. If you are eligible to contribute and in a position to help, please know that we would be very glad to receive your donation.


Pursuant to Elections Canada requirements, we can only accept donations from individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and the total amount donated by an individual to all parties and EDAs cannot exceed $1,600 per year. We cannot accept donations or in-kind contributions from businesses.


If you have also contributed to the PPC nationally, to another national party or to another EDA, please contact us and we can help you determine your eligibility to donate to the Winnipeg South Centre EDA.

Want to Donate by Cheque?

Please send your donation to:


John Molnar

Financial agent - Winnipeg South Centre PPC EDA

629 Cambridge Street

Winnipeg, MB, R3M 3G1

  • Make the cheque payable to "Winnipeg South Centre PPC EDA"

  • Maximum TOTAL yearly contribution limit is $1600.00

  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident to contribute

  • Cheques must show name and address of contributor, no corporate cheques please

Want to Donate Electronically?

You can donate any amount you would like electronically using the links below.

The link on the left is to donate directly to the Winnipeg South Centre Electoral District Association for the People's Party of Canada while the one on the right will take you to the website of the national chapter of the PPC.


Click the icon above to donate to the Winnipeg South Centre EDA through PayPal or a credit card.  


When you donate, please make sure that you include your full name and address so we can give you a receipt!

Donation Chart 3.png
Tax Receipts:

For donations of $20 and above, tax receipts are issued automatically.

When making a donation, please include your full name and address so we can fill out the tax receipt correctly for you.


Click the icon above to go to the PPC's main party website where you can donate to the national campaign.