Jane MacDiarmid was raised in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and holds Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Manitoba. She began working professionally as an educator in 1984 and has trained English as an Additional Language employees in both the private and the public sectors.


Jane obtained a Certificate in English as an Additional Language Training at Providence College. She has worked in education and industry sectors.


She has three children, two of whom are on the Edmonton Police Service and one who owns his own construction company.  She has 11 grandchildren.  


Jane was a Winnipeg-area school trustee for sixteen years, serving on the Charleswood/Tuxedo board for the division of Assiniboine South. She has also served as table officer on the Manitoba Association of School Trustees executive.


Jane will be running in the upcoming 2019 Federal Election for the People's Party of Canada for the riding of Winnipeg South Centre. She decided to run as a candidate to protect the freedom of Canada for future generations. We are very excited that she has decided to join the team!


Jane will speak to making abortion illegal after 24 weeks gestation ( the second trimester) in parliament.


She also supports an unborn victims of crime act to help protect both women and their children in the womb from violence. Currently, no law exists to charge assailants with additional charges for causing harm to a child in the womb.

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Jane MacDiarmid

Some thoughts from Jane
VOTE for common sense government.

We have lost our identity.  The people who have the least rights are the people who have lived here all our lives.

Two parties have led our country since 1867; the Conservatives and the Liberals.  Although they started out as well intentioned parties; sadly, they have lost their way.

Time to vote these dysfunctional parties out of power.  Our country is heading for destruction.

Please do your homework before you vote on October 21; go to each party website and check their platforms.  Sorry to say the only platform you will find is the People’s Party of Canada.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out.  A vote out of fear is always the wrong vote; vote your principles.
The Paris Accord is just another method the United Nations is using to subtly take away our sovereignty.  Check our platform on the National PPC page for more information. 
Maxime Bernier: “The UN has been using climate alarmist lies for decades to impose its socialist and globalist ideology on the planet.  This destructive ideology has now become mainstream in Canada.” TIME FOR CHANGE

Justin Trudeau believes that Canada is a post-national state with no core identity.  Do you believe this? 
We must fight to keep Canada a sovereign nation under one God and under the rule of law

Most people don’t understand the difference between multi-culturalism and official multi-culturalism. Go to our platform to learn the difference and why it is important for Canadians to know this.
Jane and Max July 2019.jpg

Jane and Maxime in Assiniboine Park on July 15, 2019

Jane Steven and Jasper July 2019.jpg

Jane, Steven Fletcher and Jasper in Assiniboine Park on July 15, 2019

Jane and some of her grandchildren with her twin sister, Joann Crittall
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Jane and some friends

Jane and some of her grandchildren with her twin sister, Joann Crittall

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Jane and some supporters