The four pillars of the PPC are:
  • personal freedom

  • individual responsibility

  • respect

  • fairness

Balance the budget in two years by:
  • abolishing corporate welfare - $5 billion;

  • stopping existing foreign aid - $4 billion;

  • reduce taxpayer funding for the CBC - $1.2 billion; and

  • smaller government.

Keep more money in Canadians' pockets by:
  • abolishing carbon tax - saving Manitoban's $600 per year. "We will withdraw from the Paris Accord." Maxime Bernier;

  • abolishing the capital gains tax;

  • reducing and simplifying the personal income tax; 

  • save Canadians $400 per year on dairy, poultry and eggs by abolishing the dairy cartel;

  • reducing regulations on businesses; and

  • reducing the business tax rate to 10%.


Canadians are paying too much tax and the middle class is being squeezed out by the Trudeau Government.

On Immigration the PPC will:
  • keep Canada safe and say "no" to illegal immigration:

  • focus on what unites Canadians instead of on diversity;

  • respect Canada's constitution, history and heritage;

  • focus on Canada's economic needs when setting immigration policy;

  • reduce immigration to 250,000 per year; and

  • increase resources to vet immigrants.

The PPC supports free speech!
  • The PPC will NOT use the power of the law to punish free speech and strip Canadians of their constitutional rights.

  • Canadians must be free to say what they believe including MP's who will be empowered to bring forward more private members bills with free debates and free votes.

"Everywhere, parties that advocate for less immigration and smaller government, and oppose globalism and climate change hysteria, are winning." 
- Maxime Bernier
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